Black Mountain Faculty

Ben Chamberlain
Head of School, B.A. Psychology, M.A.T. Mathematics

Ben began teaching with Timbersong in the summer of 2014, and cannot imagine himself anywhere else. His previous work experience includes working in therapeutic outdoors programs as well as teaching math and psychology in traditional settings. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Mathematics.  Ben believes that in each child is a wellspring of unique potential, and is committed to finding ways for these potentials to be realized.” In his free time, Ben enjoys running, playing soccer, contra dancing, and computer programming.




Mark Claibourne

Social Studies Teacher

From the moment students walk into Mark’s classroom, they cannot help be drawn in by his passion for history from a historian’s perspective.  Mark believes that critical examination of historic events is the key to creating invested, responsible, discerning citizens. By examining primary sources, assessing bias, and engaging in debate, students learn what it means to be a committed and informed member of society.  In his free time, Mark spends time as a master falconer and ballroom dancer.  











Heather Taddonio
Science Teacher

Heather believes that teaching science is less about delivering information and more about training students to think like scientists!  By fostering creative inquiry, critical thinking, deduction and inference, Heather creates an environment in which students are encouraged and supported in taking intellectual risks.  In her free time, Heather can be found riding bulls or looking for cool bugs to add to her collection.

Abby Crahan
Learning Support Specialist

Abby earned a BA in Psychology from ASU and a MA in Teaching Special Education from WCU.  For the past decade, Abby has gained experience working in a variety of special education and mental health settings.  She is always looking for the best way to meet the needs of each of her students. In her free time, Abby wins riding and karaoke competitions.

Courtney Jones

Math Teacher, Reading Specialist

Courtney recognizes that math is the crux for many of her students at Timbersong, Black Mountain.  It is the one area in which most students arrive with a disbelief in their ability to succeed. After a few months with Ms. Courtney, they are often loving math again.  In her free time, Courtney enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons and LARPing with her four boys.