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Timbersong Flat Creek

Our school's teaching philosophy: 


At Timbersong Flat Creek we value the unique strengths and challenges that each student brings to the academic environment. Our goal is to highlight and nurture those strengths while helping students develop the tools and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges that can stymie learning. We offer an engaging college preparatory curriculum that prepares our students to attend academically rigorous secondary schools, colleges, and universities.


Our classrooms are engineered to accommodate multiple learning styles and our talented, professional faculty differentiate instruction across skill levels. We have a full-time Director of Learning Services on site to work directly with students, offer study skills instruction, and provide support to teachers. Students develop into independent learners, becoming adept at advocating for themselves and their academic needs. Our goal is for all students to leave our program with confidence in their skills as communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers.

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