Timbersong Bat Cave 


Small classes and individualized attention

Our class sizes are purposefully kept small with no more than 10 boys per class to allow more individual attention and hands-on learning. Our average class size is around 6 students and our academic program operates year-round, offering five 10-week terms during which students can earn a full quarter-credit in each class.


 In addition, independent study courses are available for students interested in taking classes specific to their needs.

Each student has an Individualized Academic Plan.


This plan, created with the student, identifies the student’s academic goals and objectives, and is accessible to him, his team, teachers, parents, and therapist. Access to this information helps clarify our students’ strengths and challenges, as well as action plans that can be applied within the classroom. Students who need additional support with academic and organizational skills can receive tutoring during individual classes within the school day as well as one-on-one tutorial sessions outside of school.

We also offer a variety of additional academic support services as needed. If you are interested in your son receiving evaluation for additional support services, please let us know. The optional support services we offer include: Orton Gillingham reading programs, Occupational Therapy, and our own Study Skills curriculum. These, and the above support systems we provide to our students set us apart from other schools.

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