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Timbersong Bat Cave 


Our teaching philosophy

At Timbersong Academy Bat Cave, we aim to empower each of our students by overcoming school-based anxiety and guiding them to see their strengths and work to their full potential. Through helping grow and bolster a student’s strengths and providing them with tools to address and conquer their challenges, we prepare them for exciting, new academic endeavors whether that be a day school, boarding school, community college, university, or vocational school.

Small classes and individualized attention


Our class sizes are purposefully kept small with no more than 10 boys per class to allow more individual attention and hands-on learning. Our academic program operates year-round, offering five 10-week terms during which students can earn a full quarter-credit in each class.


In addition, independent study courses are available for students interested in taking classes specific to their needs.

Each student is given the opportunity to discover their learning style through differentiated instruction and individualized learning support in the classroom, while remaining integrated with their peers. Timbersong works with the student, parent(s), the student’s therapist, and other support staff to  identify the student’s academic goals and objectives. Access to this information helps clarify our students’ strengths and challenges, as well as action plans that can be applied within the classroom and prepare them for their next steps. Students who need additional support with academic and organizational skills can receive tutoring during individual classes within the school day as well as one-on-one tutorial sessions outside of school.

Individualized Academic Plan

Students who enroll with an IEP or 504, or who are identified by the Academic Director and Learning Support Coordinator as a student who would benefit from these, will receive a Timbersong Academy Individualized Academic Plan detailing any accommodations the student needs to fully access their education. The document is one that the team, teachers, parents, therapist, and student, can access to help to clarify strengths and challenges, and outline accommodations and systems of support within the classroom. Additionally, this document, and the support team behind it, is helpful in the transition process as students and families prepare for next steps after Timbersong graduation.  


We also offer a variety of additional academic support services as needed, coordinated by our Learning Supported Coordinator. If you are interested in your son receiving evaluation for additional support services, please let us know. 

Timbersong Academy’s individualized academic support combined with our traditional lecture-based and Socratic classroom instruction truly sets us apart from other schools.

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