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Asheville Academy Timbersong Black Mountain

Teaching philosophy

Asheville Academy Timbersong Black Mountain rejects the one-size-fits-all assumption of the traditional school model.  We work exceptionally hard to meet students where they are at, tailoring instruction and offerings to individual and group needs.  Mastery-oriented math classes, inquiry-based science, and thematic units in the humanities ensure our students are prepared not only with the requisite knowledge but also the habits of mind needed to succeed in learning and living in the 21st century. 


Asheville Academy Timbersong Black Mountain offers standards-based core content to girls in grades 4 through 10.  Remedial support and honors offerings allow us to reach a diverse body of learners. Myriad electives in the arts and sciences as well as weekly community service and adventure opportunities enrich and round out our curriculum.  We are extremely proud to offer such a robust, student-centered educational experience.

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