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Timbersong Academy is a private school for girls nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Welcome to Timbersong Academy!

The best schools offer outstanding alternatives to parents who are deciding how they would like to educate their children. Timbersong Academy is more than a place for a child to receive a challenging, supportive education. Timbersong Academy is a part of your family; a school where parents, teachers, staff, and administrators embrace the many academic and non-academic areas that support lifelong self-confidence and success. 

Our student body is diverse, they learn at different rates and in a variety of ways. Our faculty is highly educated, well-trained, and very motivated. We offer a unique education where teachers are supportive and genuinely involved in all aspects of the school. This kind of close-knit community creates a strong bond and allows academic self-confidence to blossom. 

Timbersong Academy is a caring, fun, warm, and challenging place to learn. Our teachers and staff care deeply. They pay close attention to their students and how they learn best. Our core classes are at a 10:1 ratio. We offer exceptional learning support,organization and study skills courses, and counseling support. Timbersong Academy seeks to value and support the uniqueness of each child's personal growth with individualized academic plans for every student. We offer challenging and supportive experiences in academics, fine arts, and athletics, caring for each other and caring for the community. We invite you to come together with Timbersong Academy to help celebrate the success of every child.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to assist young men and women and their families in developing excellence in relationships, influence, character, and health.

Our Vision

The vision for Timbersong Academy is one of progressive, forward thinking education utilizing both traditional and experiential methods in a learning environment that is both academically rigorous and personally affirming.


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